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Todd Lamb’s First Strike Combative System is for those who want to learn how to fight without any martial arts training. Is that even possible? Well, according to the product website, you don’t need to memorize hundreds of techniques and to spend hours of studying martial arts to launch devastating attack. Alpha Nation’s First Strike system is designed by SWAT Team Leader and combines 17 simple combatives moves that can end the conflict before it begins.

First, we will take a look inside Alpha Nation’s First Strike self-defense system made by Todd Lamb. Then I will give my unbiased and honest opinion on the program. What your about to read are the essential details you need to know before grabbing a copy of Todd Lamb’s First Strike system yourself.

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First Strike Self-Defense System Details

First Strike system is about awaking your natural instincts. It is a digital product, video based program that teaches you 17 self-defense techniques to end all conflicts. Each of these moves are taught by Todd and Ari, and takes 3 minutes or less to learn.

When you buy the product, you will receive:

– The 17 deadly combatives moves in the First Strike system: Easy to understand videos that teaches combatives moves, each delivered in 3 minutes or less. In these self-defense videos you will find different techniques including:

  • The One devastating attack that ends fight before it begins.
  • 7 Special Forces Locks and Breaks that render any attacker “combat ineffective” in seconds.
  • Simple attack strategies to defend against any edged weapon and disarm your assailant.
  • The most unorthodox method of delivering strikes that confuses, bewilders and leaves your assailant lying on the floor wondering what the hell just happened.
  • an easy-to-learn takedown that turns your attacker’s intentions against him and will likely leave him with a face full of broken teeth.
  • The ONLY tactic you should use in the sights of a crazed maniac intent on a MASS SHOOTING.
  • the mind trick that enables you to disrupt your assailants thoughts before you even go hands on.
  • 3 simple strategies to quickly end the fight fast and keep you from getting your head caved in when a fight goes to the ground.

– The Command Presence: Free Bonus Manual that show you how to master the art of silent domination by giving you simple tricks to command respect without even saying a word.

– Advanced Situational Awareness bonus manuals: Free Bonus Manual that teaches you the ability to read the situation around you so you can avoid violence before it begins. “Fighting without fighting” – Bruce Lee

FREE month of Alpha Nation online coaching: FREE access for the next 30 days by the time you purchase the product to help you get a head start on mastering the First Strike skills.

– The Ghost Protocol bonus: Discover the way that can turn you into a ghost right in front of your adversary.

The Price of “First Strike” and all the bonuses: 30$ (depending where you live)

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My Opinion About Todd Lamb’s Combative System

Personally, I practice martial arts since my 7 years old. I am 31 right now. I have been studying: Karate, Jeet Kune do, Wrestling, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. When Todd Lamb claims that in martial arts you have rules to be respected, he is not totally wrong. BUT, in a street fight, you have no rules. I don’t know what makes him think that in a street fight, a kick boxer won’t kick another guy in the nuts… Whatever.

As a Martial Artist, I really respect the fact that Todd and Ari want to show you how to unlock your instinctive skills for devastating violence. BUT, I don’t think that you can learn how to fight or learn how to defend a knife attack online (In just a few hours).


  • Effective techniques to deal with aggression
  • Good philosophy: strike first
  • Experienced teachers
  • Raise Awareness
  • Really NOT expensive


  • No experience in combat can lead to false confidence
  • You have to practice with a partner
  • I don’t believe in 1 hit K.O.

Click here to visit “First Strike system” Official Website

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