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Hi everybody, Thanks for checking out my blog, I appreciate it, you have come to the right place if you are looking for a complete review of “Make Money with CB” which is made by S. Maghakyan author of:  Make money online, new method for everyone. This digital marketing tool teach you how to build a business online and make money with or without a website.

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My Story

I have been making passive income reviewing products online since 2013. I started selling product on my website but I had some problems generating traffic to my website. I made a lot of research on “SEO”, I was first page on Google but it was not giving me any more sells. After making research on how to make money online, I discovered ClickBank. I picked up my first product, the “Ultimate mma strength and conditioning”,  and I made a Review site (that is still working – you can watch it here). After a month, I had my first commission. I needed a tool to improve my skills to make it work on the internet. I tried 2 products: GoogleSniper and now, Make Money with CB.

3 Popular Affiliate Marketing Program

GoogleSniper = Good, Very expensive (~350$), Get Results

CB Passive Income = Don’t know, Expensive (~50$ or 100$)

Make Money with CB = Good, Cheap (~30$), Get Results

The three of them are good but if you have not a lot of money, I suggest – Make money with ClickBank.


What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is the biggest name out there when it comes to affiliate marketing. You have access to thousands of products that you can promote and make a commission out of it. You can promote with or without a website and the products can be physical or digital. As an affiliate marketer you don’t have to make a product, publish a book and risk money. With ClickBank, you can also create a product and find some people who want to sell it for you.

What will you find in your copy of Make Money with CB

If you are not familiar with working online, you will learn a lot of valuable stuff to start your own business online. Learning how to navigate ClickBank alone takes a lot of time. You will make a tons of errors if you are not guided. Make Money with CB is simple, easy to follow and cheap way to make quick money online.

You will learn to create traffic and attract visitors to make them subscribe to your website or product. You will also learn how to promote your product or how to promote your website by creating good content. You will learn how to send emails that will be read. There is much more inside the eBook that will help you to become a successful internet entrepreneur.

Make Money with CB eBook Table of content:

  • Introduction
  • ClickBank Marketing Without Website
  • ClickBank and Google Alerts
  • ClickBank Products and Solo Ads (email marketing)
  • Clickbank and Forum Marketing
  • ClickBank Products and Mobile Apps
  • ClickBank Products and YouTube
  • ClickBank Products and DOC/PDF sharing sites
  • ClickBank Products and Native Ads
  • ClickBank Products and
  • ClickBank Products and Autoblogs
  • ClickBank Products and a Blog
  • ClickBank Products and Jack Jacker

This is a review site Click Here if you want to visit Make money with CB Official Website


  • Cheap (~30$)
  • Simple and Easy to follow
  • Good tips for Web Developers


  • Poor Design
  • Not a lot of info about the author

There is more info on my personal blog → How to make money with CB

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