My Back Pain Coach – Back Pain Relief 4 Life Review

If your looking for a comprehensive review of My Back Pain Coach guide, which is made by none other than Ian Hart, you’ve come to the right place. Ian Hart, CSCS, is the creator of “My Back Pain Coach” and he also run a personal training company with multiple locations in several states.

If you suffer from chronic back pain and tried everything to get rid of it, Ian Hart show you how to relieve yourself of crippling back pain with his program. According to the product website, My back pain coach method is a major back pain relief in just 16 minutes. It says that this movement method relieves years of upper and lower back pain, forcing your body to “rebalance” itself IN JUST ONE SESSION. Is that even possible?

my back pain coach review

My Back Pain Coach is a digital product for people who are struggling with back pain and want to treat themselves with movements (not painkillers).

Click Here to visit Ian Hart’s Official Website.

What is Ian Hart’s Back Pain Method?

My Back Pain Coach is a step by step video training system that teaches you movements to cure your back pain. Ian Hart’s method involves 8 simple movements done in a specific sequence that takes no longer than 16 minutes. These movements helps your back to get the nutrients and oxygen it needs to restore your spine (nerves and discs), heal your back and support your body again.

Ian Hart talk about his program saying: “These 2-minute miracle movements are so New and so different, you’ve never seen anything like them before!”. Here, I am not sure if New and different are the good words, it is more a sale argument. The movements are good but are they really that new and different? He even claim that if your are doing his simple movements regularly, you will never suffer back pain again…

Can you cure your back pain with “My Back Pain Coach”? Well for thousand of people the answer is: Yes. The 8 specific movements method is done to release a flood of biochemical into your body, healing your back pain and permanently relieving your pain. My Back Pain Coach teaches you that by adding basic movements to your life, you can basically cure yourself.

What can you find in the “My Back Pain Coach” program?

Ian Hart’s “My Back Pain Coach” principal element consist of a 28 minutes online video, Back Pain Relief 4 Life, that explains the unique 8 movements method (tested and proven to work). He really show you how it is done and why it can heal your back. If you buy this program, you can expect to be guided by pros that will help you through the procedure of getting rid of your back pain and get the best exercises for lower back pain.


The 8 exercises in Detail:

Here is the unique 8 movements method from “My Back Pain Coach”. These movements are entirely safe.

  1. Starts the activation of imbalanced muscles and prepares them for release.
  2. Dormant hip muscles are woken proceeding the activation of imbalanced muscles.
  3. Your pains begins to release at this stage because your body is prepared for the next exercise
  4. Lower back keeps being flooded with newer blood, oxygen and nutrient (highly energizing).
  5.  Decompression of the lower back.
  6.  Full body alignment. Restores muscle balance, not just in the spine but your lower back.
  7. Stabilization of your back, spine and hips into their natural position is complete.
  8.  The spine is gently compressed to get old blood from your discs then pulls in newer blood for better healing.

They are other elements included in My Back Pain Coach (Bonuses):

  • 10 Targeted Coaching Video Sessions For Back Pain Relief
  • Free One on One Coaching
  • The “Begin Your Day” Video Program
  • Quick Follow Along Videos With Music
  • Instant Access To The Videos Online

The cost of My Back Pain Coach Program depending on where you live is around – 37$. You can get the physical copy shipped to you or get instant digital access with all the bonuses.

This is a review site. Click Here to visit Ian Hart’s Official Website.

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