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If you want to increase your performance in any skill, sport or profession, C Wilson Meloncelli’s Flow State Program is for you. The Flow State is a mental state in which a person is fully immersed in the process of an activity. It can also be know as being in the zone. C Wilson Meloncelli is the popular author of “The Super Human Code“. His new product made to hack the flow state is a good continuity of his work. On the product website, he claims that with his specifically designed physical and mental meditations you can hack the flow state and get up to 300% – 500% improvement in performance.

Free Flow State Training

You can get free Flow State training – Bonuses to get in touch with the subject:

  • The Flow State Tutorial – 7 Video Tutorials On The Science Behind The Flow State, 5 Reasons why being in the Flow State is SO Addictive, 3 powerful tools to work with your Subconscious Mind, which is the door to the FLOW.
  • Instant Flow Quick Guide – A streamlined meditation package for accelerating you into the flow state, 3 simple step formula so you will quickly hack flow anytime you want, Introduction to the Pendulum Principle and how to connect to the feeling of flow so you can accelerate you skill levels dramatically.
  • Blending the Code and Elite – Designed to Physically Triggering you into the Flow State, Combines the Instant Flow Meditation and A Workout from the Elite Flow Program, Take you through the variation on the Flow 1 workout while blending what you learnt in the Instant Flow Course.
  • The Flow Chain Tutorials –  A deeper look into how to hack in and stay in the flow state, How to use the code to train yourself to maintain flow, Understanding the autonomic nervous systems link to flow.


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Who is C Wilson Meloncelli?

C Wilson Meloncelli is a Flow State Performance Coach. He is an author, an international trainer for professional athletes and ex british MMA champion. He is a master practitioner in neuro linguistic programming, hypnotherapy and Ireca energy practitioner. He is experienced in Pilates, Strength and Conditioning, Mobility and Clinical Posture. His skills in trampoline, gymnastics, rock climbing, horse riding and setting himself on fire made him a skilled stunt man.

Elite Flow Program

The Elite Flow Is designed physically drive your attention into the what researchers call ‘THE DEEP NOW’. This “Deep Now” is a state of present heightened focus that has been known as the Zone, the Pocket. And we know it as “The Flow State”. Research undertaken by the Flow Genome Project has shown that we have “ flow triggers” that drive us into Flow.

elite-flow-training-packageIf you look at the website, The Flow State makes big promises from the beginning. C Wilson Meloncelli state that you will be able to improve your performance by up to five times what you normally experience due to the focus (when you are engaging entirely on the different activity you perform).

This is a review site. Click Here to visit “The Flow State” Official website.

Super Human Code

The Superhuman Code is a blend of ancient techniques and model day knowledge to hack you directly into your subconscious mind creating the by-product called transient Hypofrontality. The Code gives you instant flow meditation plus weapons to guide you into a life in Flow.


Click Here to visit “Super Human Code” Official website.


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